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Sing It From
The Heart

SING IT FROM THE HEART is an exciting new musical with original music and lyrics by Academy Award Nominee and Songwriters Hall of Fame member “Mickey” Stevenson, former Motown A&R man composer/producer; Motown legend Smokey Robinson; and Tony Award Winning Producer (“Annie”) Irwin Meyer.

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SING IT FROM THE HEART is a magical love story set to original music. featuring some of the greatest black singers in the world (Lena Horne, Josephine Baker, Dinah Washington, Bessie Smith, Eartha Kitt, Mahalia Jackson, Billie Holiday and Dorothy Dandridge).

It’s the story of a beautiful 21year old young black woman (Michelle Harris) and her 23 year old white boyfriend (William Hodge Bakerfield). The year is 2023. Michele is a talented singer and a graduate of New York University. William is in his last year of New York University Law School and is being interviewed for jobs at major New York law firms. They both were students who met at a college social gathering. It was “love at first sight”.

They are deeply devoted to each other’s lives and involved with their respective careers. William is on the road to success as an “A” student in both undergraduate school and law school. Michele is a very bright young college graduate having great difficulty getting her theatrical career off the ground. She has a callback to audition for one of the great famous black singers in the show, William wishes he could help her more, but he can’t….until he comes up an interesting idea.


SING IT FROM THE HEART is a joyous uplifting fantasy simultaneously exploring young men and women in 2023 and traveling back in time to meet these famous black superstars their trials and tribulations their focus and determination …and it all happens in real time as the audience watches the magic happen.

To enhance the story, projections take us to New York, Paris, Hollywood and London of the past, as Michele grounds us in current day New York City to the sounds of Mickey Stevenson’s original contemporary Motown Sound.


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